Seduction in perfection - Or indeed, perfect seduction!

Fanny di Favola casts an alluring star spangled net of sensual magic over her audience in an instant with just one delightful step onto the stage. Whether in the role of the Glamour Girl with furtive and mischievous fantasies or as the mystical fairy - Fanny di Favola is from top to toe, a masterpiece of Burlesque performing art! Inspired by the Pin-up Girl look, Fanny combines the lustre and glamour of clubs in the dirty 30‘s and tops it with

the attitude of a modern, self-conscious and charming lady.

Fanny is without doubt one of the most illustrious agent provocateurs of the contemporary Burlesque movement.

Fanny di Favola is a performance artist and has been at home on the stage for a number of years in a variety of independent theatre and art projects which found great success in Italy and Germany.